January 21, 2009

Today our nation united to watch Bush leave the White House and Obama become the 44th President.  Tamra and I hit the streets to shoot a segment for our MONKEY NEWS SHOW on thestream.tv. We went to talk to the crazy people in hollywood.  Please enjoy.

It was great to watch Barack raise his right hand and promise that he will protect and serve our country.  I cried when he gave his speech.  I have always loved politics, and now I feel like we finally have a man in office that can do the job right once again.  I only hope that he stays away from going to the theater like his idol Abe.  Good luck to him and his family, and god bless the US of A

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January 16, 2009
A political news show hosted by a puppet chimp.

A political news show hosted by a puppet chimp.

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Actor Brian Palermo of the upcoming feature “Shrink”
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First day on the road!!

September 2, 2008

It the first day on the road with Josh and Tamra. The bags are packed and they have moved out of their apartment in Sunnyside, Queens. Don’t forget to check back here every day to get a peek at what’s new with them as they travel coast to coast. Feel free to comment. We love to keep in touch.

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