Second City, Hollywood – Thursday, June 30th

June 27, 2011
LA’ers get your tickets NOW for The Josh and Tamra Show, Sketch Show, with Puppets. Nerdvana: Nanotheology is hosting a Sketch Comedy Night. Featuring Josh Cohen, Tamra Malaga aka The Josh and Tamra Show, puppet cast & special guest Michael Ziegfeld.Thursday, June 30th – 9pm, $10 – Second City Hollywood,

– Time Out – Chicago: “Josh and Tamra Show is a blast. Josh’s comedic instincts with his puppets and Tamra’s ability to live within the bizarre puppet world make for a uniquely hilarious show. I have yet to see a puppet-improv show match them.”

– Phoenix New Times – Jose Gonzalez: “Tamra is so great at justifying and reacting to what’s going on, audiences buy into it a lot faster.”

– Charleston City Paper: “You’re going to see awesome!”

– Jonathan Pitts Executive Director Chicago Improv Festival: “The Josh and Tamra Show is the best and funniest puppet improv i’ve ever seen live on-stage. They are a very talented improv duo who’s every show they’ve done at CIF has been a hands-down winner.”

– Charleston City Paper – Kinsey Labberton: “Snarkier then Avenue Q, smarter than Crank Yankers”


LA LA land

October 7, 2008

Josh and I made it to LA!!!! Yea!! It’s been a whirl wind of an experience in LA so far. As you can see we haven’t had a second to make another blog video. But don’t you worry it’s coming really soon!!

Since our last blog posting OJ Simpson has been found guilty again, the market has crashed again and I’m still jobless, car-less and apartment-less. Good news on the acting front Josh and I have an interview with a commercial agent tomorrow. Also, we had our 1st LA “The Josh and Tamra Show” performance at Improv Olympic West. We had a great audience and we hope we another show run coming up soon. Keep you posted.