Little Man is Carl’s Jr. famous!!

June 15, 2010

Little Man & his unicorn Pegasus is in the promo for
Hour 24 – 73rd Annual Fan-Raiser at Carl’s Jr. Check it outty.


Muppets in the News – NBCLA

April 22, 2010

Muppets in the News

No Strings made the news! NBCLA wrote about it!

No Strings Attached

April 19, 2010

Should puppets be allowed to serve in the military? We report. You decide….Watch videos about puppets, comedy, news, gays, political, military on

Harvey the Christmas Tree

December 15, 2009

Josh and I picked out the best tree this year. Move over Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

Renew Your Mind

November 30, 2009

Not enough excitement today? Check this out it will “Renew Your Mind” or “Blow Your mind!!!”.  Check out the video. Josh & I especially love 1:56 dance interlude.

OMG!! I Should’ve Front Hugged

November 29, 2009

At Thanksgiving dinner my friend opened my eyes to this awesome & hilarious youtube video. You MUST WATCH!!  It’s a Christian Rap group advocating “Side Hugs”, no “Front Hugs”. You all know where front hugs lead to…Well lets just say Josh and I “front hugged”.

Josh in West Hollywood

November 28, 2009

Josh didn’t get to see his dad on Thanksgiving so he saw him two days later. 🙂