Old Spice Bear

September 13, 2010

Josh’s Old Spice commercial is running. He’s the Bear starring NFL Superperson Ray Lewis!!! Enjoy!


Renew Your Mind

November 30, 2009

Not enough excitement today? Check this out it will “Renew Your Mind” or “Blow Your mind!!!”.  Check out the video. Josh & I especially love 1:56 dance interlude.

OMG!! I Should’ve Front Hugged

November 29, 2009

At Thanksgiving dinner my friend opened my eyes to this awesome & hilarious youtube video. You MUST WATCH!!  It’s a Christian Rap group advocating “Side Hugs”, no “Front Hugs”. You all know where front hugs lead to…Well lets just say Josh and I “front hugged”.

36 Weeks

November 21, 2009

OMG!! I think Tamra is going to pop!! She is 36 weeks and has 4 more weeks left to go!!  What date do you think their baby boy will enter this world? (Due. Dec 22) I’m thinking Christmas!!
– Sarah Bear

I can't wait for Tamra to have a baby!

Josh, Tamra, Jay Leno & a bunch of cars…

August 22, 2009

Josh and I went to a car show in California and he literally said, “I bet Jay Leno is here” and we both looked up and he was passing us a second later. How crazy is that shiznit?

Josh Checkin out this cool ride

Josh Checkin out this cool ride

5.5 mo pregoz and met Jay Leno

Me and my BFF Jay Leno at a car show

Our BFF Jay Leno

Our BFF Jay Leno

RIP Michael Jackson

July 2, 2009

YO, I designed this cool looking T-Shirt to remember Michael Jackson!!! Your friends will be so jealous when you wear this cool find!!!


by VeraPlum.com

by VeraPlum.com

Josh Cohen stars in this week episode of EXTRAS HOSPITAL

March 10, 2009

Josh Cohen stars in this week episode of EXTRAS HOSPITAL.  I dont have lines but that does not mean I dont have THOUGHTS!!!! ENJOY!!!!