Second City, Hollywood – Thursday, June 30th

June 27, 2011
LA’ers get your tickets NOW for The Josh and Tamra Show, Sketch Show, with Puppets. Nerdvana: Nanotheology is hosting a Sketch Comedy Night. Featuring Josh Cohen, Tamra Malaga aka The Josh and Tamra Show, puppet cast & special guest Michael Ziegfeld.Thursday, June 30th – 9pm, $10 – Second City Hollywood,

– Time Out – Chicago: “Josh and Tamra Show is a blast. Josh’s comedic instincts with his puppets and Tamra’s ability to live within the bizarre puppet world make for a uniquely hilarious show. I have yet to see a puppet-improv show match them.”

– Phoenix New Times – Jose Gonzalez: “Tamra is so great at justifying and reacting to what’s going on, audiences buy into it a lot faster.”

– Charleston City Paper: “You’re going to see awesome!”

– Jonathan Pitts Executive Director Chicago Improv Festival: “The Josh and Tamra Show is the best and funniest puppet improv i’ve ever seen live on-stage. They are a very talented improv duo who’s every show they’ve done at CIF has been a hands-down winner.”

– Charleston City Paper – Kinsey Labberton: “Snarkier then Avenue Q, smarter than Crank Yankers”


Emo Philips & Josh Cohen Headline Festival

February 4, 2011

Josh Cohen returns to NC COMEDY ARTS FESTIVAL
Feb 19th 2011, Saturday. Get Your Tickets:

Puppet Improv Comedy Class. TAKE IT!! It’s awesome!!

Josh and Tamra at the DCM

July 22, 2008

“What’s next Josh & Tamra?”

Well, thanks for asking.

We are taking a few weeks off to enjoy the summer fun before it slips away , but then we are back at it to kick some butt at the 10th annual UCB Del Close Marathon . Our show is Sunday June 10th at 1:30 PM at the Hudson Guild Theater, 441 West 26th Street.

Hope to see you there.

What a great weekend in North Carolina

July 22, 2008

The Josh and Tamra Show just returned from two SOLD OUT shows at DSI (Dirty South Comedy Theater) in North Carolina. If you are ever in the Carrboro- Chapel Hill hood you must make a point to see shows at this place! 

Zach Ward and his theater host comedy year round. To say nothing of the sweet tea (so fucking good), DSI definitely did it up funny and right!! Josh put the puppets away and we performed with the cast of MISTER DIPLOMAT (right) on Friday night while we were in town. You can check out some of those pictures online.