PLEASE Vote for us Monday, March 16th!!

Make sure you vote by this Friday, January 23rd!
Make sure you vote on Monday,
March 16th!!

Hi Monkey News Source Fans!!!! It’s official,MONKEY NEWS SOURCE has been nominated for a Streamy Award!!!! for Best News Show:
Make sure you vote Monday, March 16th!

Please take one second to nominate our show for a Streamy Award for Best News/Politics Web Series.

Step 1.) Go to
Step 2.) Click on Best News/Politics Web Series
Step 3.) Enter the name of the series: Monkey News Source
Step 4.) Enter website:

Your vote will help save Monkeys in the concrete Jungle!!! Please forward this to a friend and help spread the word about Monkey News Source for the first annual Streamy Awards!

Streamy Awards

NEXT SHOW: 2/2/09
w/ SETH MORRIS from “ & WB’s Childrens’s Hospital

1.) Tune in @ 10pm PT/ 1am ET
2.) Click: http://www.TheStream.TV
3.) Sign in with AIM name
4.) Watch, ask questions, and interact with us live on-line


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