Fox Cancels MadTV!!!??

November 13, 2008
Fox Cancels MadTV

Fox Cancels MadTV

I was bored and was clicking around Facebook and dudes guess what?!!!?? My friend Zach Ward posted a link. Fox cancelled MADTV!!! I can’t believe it. What is going to replace the show? So now what, just SNL? MadTV’s last show will feature Serena Williams on Nov 15th, 2008. Dude, an awesome new president and now a canceled show!! Whats next, Oprah is going to come out of the closet? Sending all my love to the MadTV writers!!!



November 2, 2008

My 1st carved LA pumpkin was turned out to be a disaster. I was carving a skull and cross bone pumpkin and the face caved in. Then the orange plastic carving tool broke off and the blade cut open my pointer finger. Stupid little plastic saw. So I carved a heart where the mouth would be to make it look sort of cute. Josh’s pumpkin turned out awesome! Happy Halloween everyone!!!