LA Tattoos

Since I’ve been in Los Angeles, CA there are two things that I constantly come across. One, it’s impossible to make left turns at green lights and two everyone has a tattoo. There are so many unique places put ink it’s insane. A waitress at the 101 Dinner, in Hollywood, has a tattoo under her chin. We even saw millions of bright neon signs and billboards up for an LA Tattoo Expo. One of my favorite eye candy TV shows is LA Ink. Kat Von D is an amazing tattoo artist and she has other great artists working for her as well.

Josh and I figured what the heck and went to the expo. I was really excited to possibly meet Kat Von D. Tons of amazing artists and sounds of buzzing tattoo machines going on all at once. It was hard for my eyes to take it all in. There were a lot of huge back pieces being worked on, as well as body jewelry, teeth whiting booths, and a tooth diamond accessory that is glued on the front tooth so when “you” smile it can go “bling“.

In the back there was a contest going on with guys with out their shirts, and girls in bikini’s. This one contestant legs were totally covered in black & white ink with characters from *Pirates of the Caribbean. Not just the “characters” but the actors who played the characters. It was amazing. I wish I had photos of it to show you. Below is a color version that is comes close.

After an hour surrounded by it all Josh and I were in a zombie like state and became amped up to get a tattoo. We collected tons of business cards and looked through portfolios. Maybe next expo we will get there early enough and get a tat.

Dude, no Kat Von D at the expo. I was so bummbed out!! Josh really wants to get a tat by High Voltage’s Cory Miller. He is so amazing!!! There is a million year waiting list because TLC made them popular. I did see Kat Von D’s ex High Voltage Tattoo shop manager, Pixie Acia. She is a piercing artist and she was getting bombarded with people yelling things to her like, “Hey can I get a picture with you hot mama. Your sexy. Yea, you’re sexy”. Very creepy how being on TV makes people larger than life and regular people think they could invade privacy. Nutzo.


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