Josh has been getting a lot of allergy attacks in Los Angeles. This morning he woke up with *swollen lips. This is the second time he’s had big lips since we’ve been living in LA. His hands have also been itching. Not sure what it could be from. Last night he had some red wine and the other time his lips were big he ate a cupcake, on his birthday, with a strawberry on top. We are staying with my friend who has a cat. Maybe that’s what it could be from.

I sent out some resumes to try to find a job yesterday. One place was at the *baby carriage company BugaBoo, based out of Holland, Amsterdam. I was submitting to a lot of places in LA and I figured I’d be creative and apply in another country. So, this morning I check my emails and I have 1 new email. Low and behold, it was from BugaBoo. The email….

Dear Tamra, Thank you for your application for the position of industrial designer. I have a question for you, are you aware that although we have offices in the US, the design department is based in Holland, Amsterdam, at headquarters? If you still want to proceed with your application, could you please send me a digital portfolio? This will help with the screening. As soon as I have your portfolio I will forward it to our design manager. Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Eveline

I read this email to Josh and he said, “Let’s move to Amsterdam”. I said to Josh, “But we just moved to California”. He said, “So, let go have adventures”.


5 Responses to Amsterdam?

  1. Marisa S says:

    Do you think your car will make it to Amsterdam? 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    I totally love this post. I want to have adventures!

  3. Joshua says:

    That s great , just to remind you that we have red wine, strawberries and cats here in Europe too! It would of course be great to see you in Paris, any job openings Tamra? Josh mate, stick in there, all the best to you both from a Paris afficionado!

  4. Kirby says:

    Wow man, Amsterdam would be really cool. Adventures are really fun like when you go somewhere and everything is like totally different from like when you were there before even if you haven’t been there and…wait…what were we talking about?

  5. dave says:

    I was just in amsterdam and it was fucking amazing, I would totaly come visit, but you have to wait so I can visit you guys in LA, I have not been to LA yet….

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