Our trip to Dallas, TX

In Dallas, we stayed two days at our friend Elizabeth’s apartment, went swimming in her salt water pool. It was so refreshing! We did our laundry, drank delicious margaritas, ate yummy Mexican tacos, went bowling at this old school bowling alley and then went to the coolest Honkey-Tonk bar to listen to good ole’ country music, by the King Bucks. It took our ears a little while to adjust to the country sound but after a while It was a real hoot. Josh even learned the 2 step. Heee Haww. We miss you Elizabeth and Dallas!!!

(Josh adjusting his ears to the awesome country music)

(Josh doing the 2 step with Elizabeth)


2 Responses to Our trip to Dallas, TX

  1. Marisa S. says:

    Now that looks like a fun bar!!! I actually enjoy some country…some.

  2. Marisa S. says:

    And my brother-in-law just moved to Dallas, what was the name of the bar? Was it worth a trip there?

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