Day 5: Atlanta, GA to Memphis, TN

After we left Atlanta we made a detour to Memphis, TN to visit Graceland. It took us 8 hours out of the way from Dallas but, it was totally worth it!! Lucky for us the busy tourist season was a few weeks past and we had Elvis’s house all to ourselves. We got the primer passes which allowed us a self guided tour of the mansion, private car collection and his 747 airplanes the “Lisa Marie”. If you have never been to Graceland it’s totally worth the trip. It’s amazing to see his house trapped in time. We couldn’t really feel the spirit of Elvis but you can feel the spirit of one hundred thousand, American tourists. We were disappointed that we didn’t see any Elvis impersonators but we did see this guy behind josh.

Josh loved Elvis’s airplanes the best. Tamra loved Elvis’s parents pink Caddy. Sarah Bear was most impressed with the stain-glass peacock windows in Elvis’s upstairs living room. Grandpa loved Elvis’s pool room

We rushed to the Staxx Museum, which was amazing. They confiscated our camera but got these photos from the outside. The town was run down and felt like it was stuck in the 1950’s. A few local hair salons surround the Museum

On the way home from Staxx we ran into the Germantown County fair, which had lots of yummy food and over 100 vendors. Josh spotted these hermit crabs for sale. We thought that the prepainted crabs were especially interesting. It was a really nice suburb in Memphis.

We took a nap at our awesome room at the Hilton Hotel then went to have this delicious Memphis BBQ at Neels. I was scarred to leave our car in the parking lot after we read this sign. The food was sooooooo good!!!!! We ate the whole thing…

Then we went to Beal Street. More like boring, young drunk, wanna be Mardi Gras street. It was off peak and people were sparse. I had a feeling that we were going to see a fight go down. The place had a crazy energy.


2 Responses to Day 5: Atlanta, GA to Memphis, TN

  1. Edward says:

    Isn’t Graceland the TACKIEST place you’ve ever been? Lisa and I stayed at the RV Park right across from the mansion and next to the planes. Our parking place was 60 Don’t Be Cruel Lane. What’s with all the monkeys? Love to you both.

  2. Jenni N. says:

    Sarah Bear!

    I miss you.

    Your slightly obsessed fan,

    Jenni in Carrboro

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