Tamra learns to drive stick shift

August 22, 2008

We have over 3000 miles to drive on our tour to LA . Tamra does not know how to drive STICK. We leave for the open road in ONE WEEK. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh and Tamra Show Outtakes

August 19, 2008

We found this Out-take from a  YouTube video we did 3 years ago.  Enjoy the off key singing.

Tamra’s Vlog @ moving

August 15, 2008

After 3 years in Queens and 7 in Manhattan, I’m on my way to sunny LA. Here are some of my thoughts about leaving my family and my great apartment behind.

Josh Cohen VLOG to LA

August 13, 2008

Here is the first of our daily VLOGS.

As we prep to move to LA there is a lot to be done. Be a part of the journey, as we prep, pack, rant and then travel across the US of A, all the while performing our show in a different city along the way.

RIP Bernie Mac

August 11, 2008

I have had the great pleasure over the past ten years to work for the Jim Henson Company.  It’s been a life long dream of mine to be part of such a great entertainment giant in the field of puppetry.  About a year and a half ago, I got a call from the Muppets to shoot a day on a feature film starring John Travolta, Robin Williams, Seth Green and Bernie Mac, called “Old Dogs”.

Together with 6 other Muppeteers I took a van ride from NYC to some theater in Connecticut.  The character I was to perform was this huge bird thing.  Jim Henson himself, designed it for some TV show in the 70’s that never got made.

I can fly!!

I can fly!!

I did not know much about what we where to shoot that day.  I got to set only to find a freak show of sorts.  Their where little people, hip hop dancers, cheerleaders, clowns, and then me and 5 other huge full body puppets from the storage / reject pile from the Muppets vaults.

I got to set in full costume for the blocking of one of two scenes that day.  There I was, a huge bird thing standing next to a midget, a sexy dancer and a odd looking Muppet thing, and a guy dresses as a panda.  Then out of the blue you heard the laugh of Bernie Mac.  He turned the corner and took his place right in front of me.  Behind him followed Robin Williams and John Travolta, who has the largest head I have ever seen, really big noggin.  So for the first half to the day I stood there in full bird costume as Bernie Mac improvised his lines right in front of me.  It was hilarious and he was really great.

After lunch we gathered to shoot the big stage show performance bit.  We took our places and then the director shouted action.  As I danced on stage in my bird puppet a trap door opened in the center of the stage and up came Bernie Mac.  When the smoke cleared he would play some fake guitar and sing some stupid song.

Do I look fat in this bird?

Do I look fat in this bird?

It was between takes when we got the opportunity to chat a bit.  He was a very sweet man, who was followed everywhere he went by a lady I think was his wife.  She gave him an oxygen tank at every turn, to help off set the smoke he had to take in.  I now believe that his respitory problems did not help matters much.

We did not talk too much, but when he asked me at one point how I thought the last take went.   I replied.  “You the man Mr. Mac.”

And that he was.

RIP Mr. Mac

I’m in love with Paris

August 7, 2008
I think I'm in love

I think I'm in love

I think I’m in love with Paris Hilton.  With the help of Adam McKay she made what I think is one of the funniest vids on the web.  I have always kinda blown Paris off, as an airhead who’s not that hot, who has not too much talent; did you see House of Wax? But that’s just me; I like my girls smart, healthy and (nsfwstacked.

However I now feel like I love her all that much more for the video she did in response to John McCain’s attack ad on me boy Barack (who WILL be our next pres, by the by).  Even thou the bit went to the typical go to point that one would expect (a dumb girl rattling off a great energy plan), but it’s the way that Paris handled the text and how good of a job she did.  She was actually great, and some how when she spoke about one of my fav topics, politics, I kinda found her sexy.  Now if she would only die her hair brown, get a boob job, eat something and not puke it up after, I would REALLY be into her.

But then I found this vid of her on youtube. And regardless of the fact that she is seducing a teen-age boy, its manages to make her look sexy.  I just wish she would come up with a  new catch phrase.  “That’s hot” jumped the shark 3 years ago.  But then again “jump the shark” has jumped the shark.   So what do I know?